Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stronghold joins ArcheAge with Epic Podcast and 50 Rush

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I’m excited to tell you about The Flagship Alliance’s events and activity for this weekend’s Beta and beyond. Through the work and dedication of key members of <Stronghold> and <SPQR> we will bring you both engaging and informative content through Shot’s 50 Rush and The Flagship Podcast.

The Shot 50 Rush

Starting at Beta opening and continuing until our goal is met, Shot will be rushing to level 50 on his Twitch stream at Kael, one of the guild leads of <Stronghold>, will be main s
upport and both guilds will be backing up the speed runners. Come check us out!

The Flagship Podcast

On Saturday, July 17th at 7PM EST (2300 GMT) The Flagship Podcast’s first episode will be live on Twitch at <insert stream>. The podcast will be hosted by Kael of <Stronghold> and Shot of <SPQR>. We will focus on topics that are relevant to the people that need it most: the average ArcheAge player who hasn’t been out scouring forums and prepping hard for Beta. We hope to shed some light on the game’s complex economy and essential quests that can be easily overlooked by the new player. For our more hardcore viewers we also have an exclusive interview with Pohx, a popular AA Twitch streamer who popularized the Daggerspell class. Come be part of the start of the best ArcheAge podcast on the Net!

Gamers United!

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