Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stronghold and the Sandbox

Hello Internet. I know it’s been a while since my last blog, but in the interim I graduated college, moved across the US, got a part time job, and prepared to launch a ton of communication channels for The Pox Box. Through all this I was also trying to find some focus on which project I would begin pursuing once the dust settled. As always, it won’t be just one project. However, the focus that has come to the surface is the sandbox.

For a long time I have focused on studying games, game communities, and the economics of these platforms, both in their design and their operation. In all of my travels through the world, the Internet, and my own imagination, I am always pulled back to games which allow for immersive and emergent elements. Because of this, my company looks to become a developer and supporter of these platforms, namely:

IC Emblem.png

- EVE Online through Infernal Creations, a US/EU PvP corp dedicated to good fights and good profit through any and all means available in the game (Industry, Incursions, Trading, Mining, Ratting, and Missions.) We’re aiming currently to provide a consistent schedule of alliance (DNS Alliance) and open events where people can count on a good time, as well as opportunities to learn and grow in their EVE experience.

- Minecraft through The Carver Club, a server moderated by my good friend Rak. It’s a tough place to live, with a focus on a challenging PvE environment and open PvP. The Rak server follows a safe creation policy in which structures and other things created by players are strictly off limits to the creator’s rivals. Just remember, breaking a block doesn’t mean you constructed the blocks around it! Miners beware…

- D&D Next through the creation of a campaign setting code named “Stronghold.” The campaign setting itself is going to be free to the public through a wiki, while associated works such as adventure modules, stories, novels, and other supplemental materials will be available through your favorite online retailers. We’ll be giving fans of our setting an opportunity to submit their own modules, stories, and other materials. Approved works will become part of our stores, and the creators will receive the majority of the profits!

Stay tuned for more updates, more tips, and more sandbox fun with The Pox Box!

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